Saturday, 31 July 2021

Steppe Nomads (Half) Cantabrian Circle

Not to blow my own trumpet but I am amazed at my output at present! Admittedly it is partially the result of the varnish queue that had accrued over the weeks but I do think that there is some acceleration with the old brush too. Perhaps it is a result of the (hopefully short) hiatus I will be undertaking very soon?

The first six out of 6 of the rank and file (if they could be described as such?) of the Steppe Nomads in a (half) Cantabrian Circle are happily based, painted and nicely "tufted". Hopefully I will be able to juggle things around to get the next six glossed, matted down then based within the next week or two. Fingers crossed; I'm not a big fan of half finished units lying around, they have a nasty habit of getting chipped no matter how careful I am.

And a more loose picture of the unit with the edges of the background popping out!

I think/hope(!) I have the models positioned in the right place to give the feel of the Cantabrian Circle  whilst also maintaining a sort of frontage that most wargames rules demand? I would love to hear your thoughts.

As usual, all the images are "clickable" both of the half unit above and the single bases below.

Single Bases 1:

Single Bases 2:

Single Bases 3:


  1. Wonderful painting. Am I to gather, based on the tags, that these are Aventine Miniatures?

    1. Indeed they are Codsticker. They're being remoulded at present so are temporarily unavailable.


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