Friday, 30 July 2021

Steppe Nomads II

The second batch of Steppe Nomads to complete the fist unit of 12 is now done and dusted. OK, all complete bar the varnishing process; stage one, the gloss, which is about to take place tomorrow. I'm not sure when I will get around to matting the miniatures down again as the builders will be firmly ensconced and (hopefully!) working very hard to complete their work.

It is worth mentioning again that unless very wealthy and able to afford more exotic types of horse/pony most of the ponies 5-6th Century Steppe Nomads would have had access too would not have had such a variation of colour and patterns on their mounts. Again, artistic license has been taken on that point.

The first batch of 6 are now based and will be ready to photograph tomorrow once the sand etc has dried and I can get some paint on the bases followed by the ubiquitous grass tufts of various proportions and colours. 


  1. I’ve been slow discovering your blog but enjoying trawling through all the excellent posts like this one. Lovely work.

    1. Thanks. The blog was actually started under the same name in the early 2000's but in a fit of stupidity I deleted it! I regret that to this day. Basically there would be at least double the number of posts if I hadn't deleted the thing :>(

    2. Could you not find it on the wayback machine and retrieve the lost content that way? I don't know how successful it would be for a blog but may be worth a try.

    3. That was a good idea and one that hadn't even crossed my mind. So, I checked and unless I got the URL's incorrect, it looks like a no goer :>(

  2. Excellent brushwork on these nomads! Bravo!


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