Tuesday 11 February 2020

Reconquista at Partizan 2020, Horse Felled in Battle Conversion

I've recently had the Greenstuff out and have been playing around with how to get a horse, in this case a Gripping Beast beastie, to look as though it has been felled in battle as i have the perfect fallen man at arms figure courtesy of Wargames Foundry. I think I have done a half decent job considering that this was the first conversion of this type that I have attempted.

The horse and cavalryman will be taking their place in the first unit of Christian Spanish which has been specifically painted up for the demo game.

I rearranged the horses front legs by cutting a small wedge shape to allow me to bend the legs further back then very carefully bent the back legs into position using a light pair of pliers and plenty of old cloth to protect the soft metal from the teeth of the pliers. Any gaps in the legs were then filled with Greenstuff. The saddle was then sculpted, with the reigns and stirrups being sculpted separately then glued into place with superglue. Any blemishes in the cosmetics were then filled with Greenstuff.

The horse was then speed painted (time is getting short!) with a group of ten other horses. It took less than the hours I managed to fit in on a Sunday to get the horses painted, though they were prepped and undercoated etc prior to painting!

Here's a few pics. I would love to hear from anyone who has any tricks or tips on how to improve the work done here.


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    1. Thanks mate. I'm trying to pluck up the courage to get more falling horses done. The problem is, with metal, it's much harder to convert them :(


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