Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Aventine Bolt Thrower WIP

I've been doing some work on another batch of speed painted 12 Beja for my Sudan project whilst waiting for the days to roll by as my last batch Early Byzantines wait for their coat of gloss varnish to go fully off. On the advice of a great painter Redzed and fellow compatriot of the very much missed Steve Dean Forum I am leaving the gloss varnish a week before applying a matt coat. I did a test mini last night on some I had already painted up and even after one light spray of matt varnish it has come out well with no sign of any speckling. good news indeed!! In future I will going to be using this particular varnishing method on all the mini's I take my time on so many thanks to Redzed for this great advice.

Fully Varnished Test Mini- Actual Size Give or Take a Few mm
(it will be getting another light spray of matt in a day or two):

Glossy Torsion engine and Crew:

Three Singers:
(To make up the numbers on the painting desk)

The next update on the Early Byzantines will be the back ranks of the Dismounted Bucellarii/Extra Heavy Infantry which should not be too long as they were completed prior to the bolt thrower lot.


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