Saturday, 22 August 2020

Up the Nile! Beja Lot Five

I have just put the finished basing the next lot of Beja. Although there are a couple of details I need add, like a dropped spear and shield on the casualty in this group I'm happy enough to post them as I have the time to take both the photo's and do dome quick editing.

This is one of my favourite bases as it shows off one of the kit bashed mini's (on the left). I am very pleased with the way in which he has  come out. Indeed all of the Beja I have painted over the past few weeks, as being 'speed painted' they have all been painted in one or two sittings. something I would not have been able to imagine myself doing five or so years ago! I am very happy that I decided to put caution to the wind and just go for it. That said, there are still well over 200 more to paint LOL.

I'll be adding the spear and shield to this base as the casualty mini (left) just does not make sense without any loss of kit.

 This is the one I am most pleased with in reference to all the kit bashes/converted mini's (front). I really think I have actually managed to pull off the feeling of the chap drawing his sword from the scabbard as he charges on ahead.


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