Friday, 21 August 2020

Aventine Byzantine Heavy Infantry/Dismounted Bucellarri Completed Unit!

Finally! A week later from the gloss coat and a couple of dusts of matt varnish followed by some basing and viola! I'm really happy to get this unit finally finished. If there is one piece of advice when painting up the beautiful Aventine Byzantines it is not to glue the shields on before you embark on painting! This has caused me a real headache on many an occasion due to the substantial amount of detail on the sculpts and almost having to bend my brushes around the shields! Lesson Learned. The next unit of 32 Unarmoured infantry are ready to go and have their shields drilled and a pin in the hand on each mini! 

I've added mini's from the Flamoularaioi pack- BYZ 06 Junior Officers/Standard Bearers- and one mini from the BYZ05 pack of Infantry Officers and Standard Bearers who is holding his hand up as if signalling to the archers to loose.

I do not want to blow my own trumpet but I think the unit has come out rather well! Now, onto the other couple of hundred!! 

More or less actual size pic:


  1. More beautiful byzantine warriors! Fantastic work!

  2. I simply love that color scheme and composition. May I ask you which paints have you applied to build up the bronze armor and yellow coat of the chief? Have you washed that coat? That green looks good too.

    1. I have found the bronze paint tutorial on your blog. But have not on the yellow.

    2. It's mix of VMC Orange Brown and VMC Light Yellow gradually lightened with the latter. Hope that helps?

  3. Hello,

    Absolutely superb painting !!!


  4. Nicely done you do have a very pleasing painting technique 👍


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