Thursday, 27 August 2020

Aventine Byzantine Torsion Field Engine

Finally, after a solid week of waiting for the gloss varnish to go completely off I was able to matt these down and base them! I find it quite frustrating waiting a week prior to matting down but the end results are certainly worth it and I would heartily recommend it to everyone else.

The Aventine Miniatures Early Byzantine miniatures are simply beautiful in my humble opinion. They are brilliantly crisply cast and are packed with detail. I just love them!

For those interested in the painting process.....

A quick word on the tunics. The 'whites' have a base coat of VMC Medium Grey and is gradually mixed with VMC Pale Sand then when the time comes VMC Matt White. At no point do I let the highlights reach pure Matt White as I am a strong believer that this is too stark a colour to use on miniatures. It looks unnatural to me. (Yes, the irony of making a statement such as that whilst referring to what are essentially toy soldiers is not lost on me LOL).

The 'Red' is the Second Darkest colour from the Andrea Red set then a small amount of the the Andrea Red mixed with VMC Carmine Red and a final highlight of VMC Amarantha Red. 

The boots are VMC German Cammo Black Brown mixed VMC Pale Sand then more Pale Sand. These are then given a (watered down!) glaze of Citadel Agrax Earthshade.

Straps etc are VMC German Cammo Black Brown, then VGC Charred Brown followed by a mix of VGC Charred Brown and VGC Dark Fleshtone and a final highlight with the Dark Fleshtone mixed with VMC Parasite Brown.

I'm going to have to find a corresponding colour for the Second Darkest Red from the Andrea set so if anyone has any colours that are of the same hue and tonality please let me know.


  1. Hello,

    Excellent paintjob !!!


  2. Very nice work there. I'm doing a 15mm 4th C Roman army at the moment and have some Ballista to paint for that so I hope you'll take my shameless attempt at imitation as flattery.

    1. Good luck with it. If I had to paint a 15mm army nowadays I think my eyes would start to bleed LOL


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