Thursday, 10 June 2021

More Spanish This Way Come

After the disappointment of the last batch of painting, the French Mounted Crossbows, I'm very happy to say that the next batch of Spanish Arquebusiers have come out rather nicely. I took my time with these, which after all can make all the difference; though they still have to face the slings and arrows of the varnishing process. Picking the right time of the day to spray varnish, it being not too cold and not too humid being the key. If the weather is not suitable, I'm going to wait.

This is the second lot of Spanish Arquebusiers from an earlier post which can be viewed HERE. Better to pop back to the earlier post for the details as I don't want to start getting too repetitive.


  1. Splendid Spanish...and period!

  2. great stuff - love the mounted xbows in previous post

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