Saturday, 5 December 2020

Anglo Danish Huscarls and Fyrd Unit Three & Command Bases

I am happy to announce the third out of a growing series of Anglo Danish Huscarls units is now complete. The unit's bases, like the others in the army are on 40mm x 40mm bases to compliment the Swordpoint set of rules in mind. I will eventually be adding four 20mm frontage by 40mm in depth bases to each side of the units to make the units even more substantial and more user friendly with other rulesets such as Hail Caesar and To the Strongest. Impetus too if I add a small strip to the front of the bases on a movement tray. This unit was a roughly 50/50 mix of miniatures painted a while ago and freshly painted miniatures. It has been very satisfying to dig deep into an old army that due to illness a few year ago managed to be side lined but not forgotten. Perhaps it would be fairer to say that sat in a Very Useful Box in line of sight calling out to me to make an attempt to complete the army! I think we all know that feeling.

I have tried to sustain as many individual looking miniatures in the units as possible hence the miniatures are a mix and match of (very) OOP Gripping Beast, more up to date Gripping Beast, Footsore, Saxon (now sold by Warlord) Wargames Foundry and Drabant! So, quite a mixture but if carefully placed I think good results can be obtained.

After waiting for the delivery of some LBMS transfers and having them sit for the requisite quarantine period I was able to add the finishing touched to two the command bases vignettes which were hinted at in my varnishing article in my last post. I think these have both come out really well, one more dramatic then the other but that will look well on the table top. There will be one 40mm in diameter command base to accompany each of the Huscarl/Fyrd units. Same with Shieldwall Markers and Discouraged/Casualty Markers. These vignette style bases are something I really love to dig into and usually have several unpainted on the workbench at any given moment as I experiment with different compositions. 

Command Base:
(Please Scroll Down for Further Pics of Both Bases)

Anglo Danish Huscarls/Fyrd Unit 3

From a Higher Angle:
(No pun intended!)

First Command Base 1:

First Base From A Higher Angle:

Second Command Base:

Second Command Base- Again from a Higher Angle:


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