Sunday, 22 November 2015

General Roberts, Second Afghan War

Shooting Leave Catch Up Post:

I was recently sent a conversion of General Roberts to paint up who led the British army the Second Afghan War. The mini is a Perry Miniatures figure form their British High Command on English Mounts pack (The Graham figure at the right) with a poshteen added and a suitably whiskery Victorian beard! I have to admit that the NWF is one of the (semi-new) areas of modelling/wargaming that I was looking at the mini wish some relish when at the prospect of painting it up. I even had a go at converting a Third Afghan War mini from Studio miniatures but with less than satisfactory results! (you can see my in an earlier post HERE).

Genaeral Roberts met with great success during his efforts in the Second Afghan War which was to include his famous forced March to Kandahar following on from the British disaster at the Battle of Maiwand where he decisively defeated the army of Ayub Khanon September 1st at the Battle of Kandahar which pretty much brought to a close the Second Afghan War which was concluded at the Treaty of Gandamak.

Well, the mini is now done and here are the pics- hope you like them(?):

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