Wednesday, 4 November 2015

SYW Rules from Osprey

Interesting...... a period I've always fancied doing.....

More info on the Osprey site HERE

Bye for now.


  1. I'm keen to check these out for our AWI games. At the moment we are using BlackPowder and the Rebellion supplement.

    There is a small review here:

    1. Yeah, I'm an avid reader of Michael's blog.

      He does some quite in depth reviews and hs pages are always entertaining.


  2. Of course there are more 7YW rules out there than you can count from Grant onwards and not a few for the AWI- they are not and should not be the same. I used Warfare in the Age of Reason for SYW- quite heavily modified and British Grenadier for the AWI.
    Mr Flint know his stuff though

    1. Thanks Andy. We seem to be using a Powdered Barker (I know!!!) set at the club which many folks seem to like. A bit 'old fashioned' (I'm being polite!) for me.

      My hope is that the new Osprey rules might prompt a few folk at the club into getting into the SYW (in 28mm of course). One can hope.

      Rules usually get modified. I'm going to be using soldiers of God for my Hastings demo though I did note that the author is doing a 'Dark Ages' (hate that expression!) set that might be better. I did offer to play test but heard nothing back.......


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