Monday, 23 November 2015

Perry Miniatures Converted Mounted Infantry at El Teb

Shooting Leave Catch Up Post:

So, there I was studying the Blood on the Nile lists for El Teb when I realised that Perry Miniatures did not do any Mounted Infantry that were, well, mounted. Converting what was available was to be the only answer.

After asking a few questions on the net I was just about ready to go. I ordered three packs of British Camel Corp in total, one of the command and two of the riflemen. That was the troopers covered. I ordered two packs of the 10th Hussars so they would be supplied with mounts. I used Mike Snooks excellent book and guide to the uniforms of the British, Egyptian and Mahdists from the appendix of Go Strong into the Desert  to gather all the information regarding the uniforms of the Mounted Infantry that fought at El Teb.

As to the conversions, it was really a matter of persuading the models that had been designed to fit onto camels to sit nicely on the horses. This was much more of a task than I had first envisaged. Some of the saddles had a little putty inserted but all in all, with the filing of the troopers and the saddles most of them fit quite snugly in the end.

The painting process was quite a long (but not laborious) one as it was new territory for me and I didn't want to get anything wrong on such a project. In the end I think that they're turned out quite nicely and I'm a little proud of my efforts.

And here they are, the light wasn't great so I may retake the pics and add a few of the individual bases whilst I'm at it- so, as they say, watch this space:

Bye for now.


  1. Excellent work on these guys!

    1. Thanks Roger- I keep meaning to get some close ups of the unit but I always seem to forget to do it- doh!


  2. excellent work on these great looking figures - marvelous, well done Darrell!


  3. Terrific work, these chaps look very impressive. Cheers!


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