Monday, 16 November 2015

Saxon Miniatures and Gripping Beast Comparison Shots

The title is pretty self explanatory. I took these shots to post on the LAF Forum in response to a post where it was mentioned that the Saxon Miniatres Arthurians and the Gripping Beast Arthurians ranges were compatible. I don't own any Saxon Mini's Arthurians, though that will soon be remedied but I do have the Saxon Mini's Huscarl pack and I thought that I'd take the opportunity to present a few quick comparison shots.

The Huscarls fit in perfectly, not only in terms of the proportions of the miniatures but also the sculpting style. This should come as no surprise as many of the miniatures I am using for the Hastings demo by both Gripping Beast and Saxon were sculpted by Colin Patten (Salute 2016- be there or be square) and they naturally fit in stylistically as well.

Bye for now.


  1. Very nice Darrell, looking forward to seeing it!

  2. Me too! Loads to paint still!! Panic begins!!! LOL :>)


  3. Just checked them out, they are rather nice!


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