Sunday, 29 November 2015

Battleground Show 2015

I haven't been to Battleground for a few years and I was pleased to see that it has certainly progressed. This is in part no doubt down to Leon from Pendraken Miniatures and all the effort he put into making sure that word got out about the show. Kudos.

There were plenty of quality traders and a good number of games on display. The overall quality was good and most games seemed to be well attended with avid admirers though I did notice that some of the participation games were thin on the ground for participants. But that could be down to sheer timing as I spent the first hour or so of the show wandering around the traders gawping at all the items that I had promised myself that I will not buy! Not because I don't 'need' them- purely down to time limitations on painting time!

Oddly I wasn't feeling particularly sociable either so I didn't really get to talk to all the folk I meant to- somewhat ironically I spent most of my time talking to people I see every week at the Durham club.....this could well be jet lag from the dose of man flu I have suffered recently. We all know how bad that can be! :>)

I must have been off the ball on Saturday as I forgot to collect the flyers from the games I took piccies of so, the games below are not labelled. I apologise to both readers and to the guys who put the time and effort in and came up with a game for the show. My bad as they say.

I can tell you that the 54mm Plancenoit game was put on by Durham Wargames Society as it is my local club. most of the miniatures are from the collection of Conrad Cairns.

Apologies to the guys who put on games that I didn't manage to get around to as well. I know it takes a lot of effort to arrange a game for a show.

Here's the pics:

Bye for now.


  1. I think your photo's are showing these games:
    1) Cozzmic Cakes. 2) Redcar Iron Beards. 3) Border Reivers. 4) DWG. 5) John Reidy and Son. 6) Guisborough Gamers. 7) Pass. 8) Brompton Bankers. 9) I can't remember.

    The two Old West participation games were certainly both in use all day. Dave Docherty ran his Serenity Flats game (see your photo) at least twice, and Andrew Wylies' Spaghetti Western (paper buildings) game was being played from 10:30 to 14:30.

    I did spot you going round the hall once, though I couldn't get away from the table I was helping at to say hello. And then our paths next crossed as you were leaving.

  2. Thanks for the photos I spent most of my time shopping and talking and didn't take any photos of the games. I think the 54mm is really impressive.

  3. Roy pointed you out to me in the distance but then you were gone like a shadow in the night. I played Dave's cowboy game and it was a great laugh for about an hour, The Lion Rampant game looked great also

  4. Thanks for the report and the pics, glad you enjoyed the day! I must have missed you as well, I didn't get as much chance to visit all the games as I'd hoped unfortunately. We'll have our own pics and report sorted in the next couple of days hopefully.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys.

    I just wish that I'd had the time to take pics of all of the games- well, there's always next year :>)


  6. I think I was at a different show .... no really it was well organised and set up with some fine games but there was nobody left by about 1 o'clock except the games players

    1. Agreed.... it did seem to tail off early but I've found that with many shows these days including (and perhaps based on the hospitality of the venue owners) Partizan.

      I'm looking forward to the new venue for Partizan- that ought to shake things up a little :>)


    2. Tailing off early is common with Northern English shows- especially 1 day jobs- Does not seem to happen either in Scotland at all or further south as much but effectivly this was a 2-3 hour show. I'm in the pub longer than that !

    3. Yeah, it's a weird one.

      i'd like to think that it hasn't got anything to do with regional character!

      When I was at SESWC Claymore, apart from the first year when it moved to Telford College the first time it is always packed. Same goes for Carronade and some of the lesser shows like Targe.


  7. I really enjoyed the show this year. Unlike last year the flea market was thriving and diverse. I didn't get much gaming done but just being there was well worth it. Thanks for the show report, the games looked fantastic


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