Saturday, 17 October 2015

Lion Rampant; Landwasters and Raven Feeders Part II


Here's Part II of the Lanwasters and Raven Feeders variation of Lion Rampant. As mike has to go home a little early I was able to step in his place defending the last corner. Unfortunately, despite accidentally moving 8' with my Yoemen Foot [Posh(ish) lads with spears] until it was pointed out to me that I was moving too quickly! Anyway I had one chance to charge the enemy and knock them back off the table, thus winning the game pre-Glory Point count, but, you guessed it; my unit bounced allowing said enemy unit with priest to walk to safety in a fairly comfortable manner! Oops!! :>)

Gloriously flippant view of one of the Tanks Mike painted up!

Here's the pics of the real action!:

Bye for now.


  1. Nice looking game!

    Bu the way foot Yeomen have move 8" so it seems like you played them right ;)

    1. They weren't Yoeman Michael... I was deceived by their lack of armour and mistook them for lighter troops... still, it added spice to the final game turn :>)


  2. Nice looking game, fantastic buildings!


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